An estimated 25.000 victims in Antwerp did not survive the horrors of World War II.

To this day, we know ... of them by their names.

Research into the names behind the numbers

World War II cost Antwerp an estimated 25,000 lives, people who fell victim to the horrors of Nazi occupation and military warfare.

The city of Antwerp's names project puts a name to all the victims of war who lived or died in Antwerp. The research is conducted by FelixArchief – Antwerp City Archives.

The project is currently in the research phase. The city of Antwerp wants the research progress to be open to everyone. Search the current list of confirmed victims now:

How will the research be done?

The Antwerp Names Project will erect a new monument for the Antwerp victims of World War II. The cornerstone will be laid in 2024. We are currently still in the first phase: FelixArchief – Antwerp City Archives is carrying out historical research and collecting many thousands of names of Antwerp war victims. The next step will be the development of an online monument, which will show the final (complete) list of names to commemorate the victims.

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Any questions?

In the FAQ section, the most important issues about this project are explained in detail. All information about the how and why of the name research and the plans for the monument-memorial can be found on this page.

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The Second World War in Antwerp

The city of Antwerp has listed the most important events of World War II in Antwerp on the platform. You can read the different stories and testimonies there.